What are the steps to complete your registration?

  1. Verify your email address through the Login page. Then login and register a new team.
  2. Submit a secure payment online with your credit card or print your invoice and mail in a cheque. Cheques can be made out to ENZSA and mailed to 12764 82 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5E 2T1 (payment must be received by the payment deadline of May 30, 2024)
  3. Upload your official ASA roster for your team.
  4. Add players to your online roster and activate them for this tournament.

If I withdraw my team will I get a refund?

  • If your team pulls out prior to May 30, 2024 your tournament funds will be reimbursed less a $25.00 administration fee. If your team withdraws after May 30, 2024 no refund will be given.

Can I make Scheduling requests for the tournament?

The following scheduling requests are deemed acceptable.

  1. A coach coaching up to 2 teams can make a request to avoid scheduling conflicts, and we will do our best to accommodate. We cannot however accommodate requests to avoid conflicts involving more then 2 teams.
  2. If you have regular league games on the tournament dates, you can request to have the tournament games scheduled around your league game. This information must be provided to the tournament organizer PRIOR to when scheduling will commence.
  3. Out of town teams (this is outside Edmonton and Surrounding areas) that request no Friday games.

Please note that the tournament organizer will make every effort possible to accommodate the special requests as outline above however there are no guarantees.

All special requests must be inputted by you in your tournament registration under the "NOTES" section prior to scheduling commencing on May 30, 2024. Any requests coming in after that date will not be considered , once schedules are posted they are considered final.

When will schedules be released?

  • Tentative schedule release date is set for June 10th, 2024

What fields will my team be playing on?

  • All games will be played on fields located in the North end of Edmonton and will be determined at the time of scheduling. We do not use specific locations for any of the age groups.

Where are the Medals Presented

  • Gold, Silver & Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three teams in each group. The medals will be presented after the last game in the group has been played and scores have been confirmed by the tournament organizers.
  • Medals will be handed out at the location of your last game.

What happens if our Jersey colors conflict with the opposing team?

  • The referee will make the decision if the jersey colors conflict. If this is the case it is the responsibility of the home team to bring alternating jerseys or colored pinnies to change into.

What is the ASA Roster?

  • The ASA Roster is your provincial team player registration form that lists all the players registered on your team with their birth dates and player ID number. You may need to contact your soccer organization for a copy of your ASA Roster. Every player that participates in our tournament must be registered on a provincial roster; this includes all guest players. If your team is from outside of Alberta, then your travel permit will suffice.
  • Your ASA roster can be uploaded to your account.
  • Guest player letters must be submitted (electronically or via Fax at 780-406-0825) to our office at least one week prior to the tournament.

PLEASE NOTE: All Calgary teams must provide a CMSA approved roster. We understand that this form can be printed from the Scorekeepers area of the CMSA website. Please ensure that you include the player’s full name and birth date.

What is a Tournament Roster?

  • The Tournament Roster is the list of your player’s names that will be transferred to your game sheets.
  • The tournament roster can be filled out online. Once the roster is filled out, you will be able to access your pre-filled out game sheets. The rosters will be locked on June 10, 2024.
  • Be sure to check the tournament rules to confirm the correct number of players allowed for your age group and the rules and regulations for using guest players.
  • If your team needs to make last minute changes to their tournament roster (for injuries or illness), it must be done at tournament headquarters.

Where do I hand in the game sheets? Where do I go to find tournament stats?

  • Pior to the start of the game you will need to give your team’s game sheet to the referee. After the game, volunteers will pick up the game sheet to provide to scoring.
  • You will need to provide 1 game sheet for every game you play in the tournament. The game sheets will be available for download on the tournament website once your registration is complete and schedules are posted. (Extra game sheets will be available at the tournament headquarters.)
  • Any players listed on the game sheet who are not in attendance at that game must be crossed off of the game sheet. Please make sure the jersey numbers listed on the game sheet correspond correctly with the jersey numbers that the players are wearing.
  • Scores and team stats will be posted as they are received on the official Summer Drizzler webpage https://summerdrizzler.com/

What are the Guidelines for Guest Players?

Please take a look at the Guest Player Page section of the website to find more information on this matter.

Important Coach Information

  1. All communication between the teams and tournament staff is to be done through the team officials listed on the official roster or the league rep. We ask that parents who are not listed as team officials do not contact tournament staff directly.
  2. When communicating through emails, please always state your team name including head coach name, gender and age group. This will save time when the tournament staff replies.
  3. It is the responsibility of the team officials to communicate information regarding the tournament to their team and parents, The tournament staff will only be corresponding information with the team official who registered the team for the tournament.
  4. Coaches and managers are responsible to understand the tournament rules as well as trialist and Guest Player Rules and inclement weather rules.
  5. Team officials are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and spectators at all times throughout the tournament. Any disrespect or verbal abuse from a team or spectator to tournament staff or referees will result in discipline and could result in removal from the tournament.
  6. Proof of player registration must be carried with the teams at all times (ASA roster, travel consent, player cards). The referee will not be checking player cards but this is something that you should keep with you in case of a dispute.
  7. All teams should be providing their own first aid kit along with ice packs in case of injury
  8. The home team and spectators should sit on one side of the field with the away team and spectators sitting on the opposite side of the field. The home team gets to pick which side of field they would like to sit.
  9. Parking is limited at many of the fields and we ask that all participants remain respectful when parking their vehicles by not blocking personal driveways or parking in no parking zones. It is recommended that you suggest car pooling for your team. The tournament will not be held responsible for any tickets or towing that occurs during the tournament.



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